About Us

Welcome to the About us page of importedbuy.com.



Importedbuy is here to help you buy or own the products that most people only can buy in foreign countries such as USA, Europe, Australia, etc.

At importedbuy, we make sure that you get the best product delivered to your home address without any hassle. As all of the products that we send you are imported on your request, it can take between 15-60 days before you get the product delivered at your address.

because we import all the products and there is cost involved in shipping and transit, we do not offer any refund.

But the quality of products is very high that our customers never ask for refund.

if you also in love with the products from different countries and you want to buy them in your own country or you want to buy foreign products in India then importedbuy is the best place for you.

We offer the maximum discount that you will not find anywhere else.